Women's Leadership Committee

The role of women in agriculture

The Montana Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership program strives to change the perceptions about agriculture, family farms and ranches and about the role of women in agriculture. Changing those perceptions through direct contact, educational programming, leadership development programs, speaking out for our industry, and recognizing the unlimited possibilities for women in agriculture.

2022 WLC Scholarship Application is  now Available
The Montana Farm Bureau Federation will present two, $1,500.00 scholarships made available through special efforts of the MFB Women’s Leadership Committee. The scholarships are available to both boys and girls. The winner will be selected on the following criteria: 1) Must be an incoming college freshman. 2) Scholarship must be used the year it is awarded. 3) Must be a current paid Montana Farm Bureau member, or an immediate member of a current paid Montana Farm Bureau family.  This application is due on April 1, 2022.
By creating an account in our Scholarship Portal you will be able to apply for this scholarship and view other Farm Bureau scholarships for which you may be eligible.

The MFBF Women’s Leadership Committee

Carla Lawrence Chair Email Carla
Beth Blevins District 1 Email Beth
Rhonda Boyd District 2 Email Rhonda
Marti Shields District 2 Email Marti
Deb Bricker, District 3 Email Deb
Heather Dye District 3 Email Heather
Lisa McFarland District 4 Email Lisa
Gretchen Schubert District 4 Email Gretchen
Lillian Ostendorf District 5 Email Lillian
Catherine McDowell District 5 Email Catherine
Michelle Gibbs District 6 Email Michelle
Tracy Gasper District 6 Email Tracy
Nancy Bowman District 7 Email Nancy
Joy DePuydt District 7 Email Joy
Marjorie Pribyl District 8 Email Marjorie
Leah Johnson District 8 Email Leah
Bonnie Jones District 9 Email Bonnie
Carole Plymale District 10 Email Carole
Haley Potter District 10 Email Haley

Food Check-Out Day: To recognize the outstanding efficiency and productivity of America’s farmers and ranchers, the Montana Farm Bureau Federation Women’s Committee officially commemorates Food Check-Out each year. Food Check-Out Day recognizes the farmer’s contribution to the affordability of food in the United States. The event is held annually by MT farm women on the day of the year, when, on average, Americans have earned enough income to pay for their yearly food supply. Montana Farm Bureau celebrates Food Checkout Day by gathering food and food certificates for the Ronald McDonald House in Billings.

National Agriculture Month Table Tents: MFBF Women’s Leadership Committee has combined the efforts of safety precautions and agriculture facts on table tents and distributed them to restaurants and businesses in all areas of Montana.