Championing private property rights in Helena, or slogging through trade battles in Washington. Montana Farm Bureau is legislative grassroots advocacy at its best. Respected by lawmakers, and formidable in its tenacity; our committed leaders steer state and national legislation in the direction determined by policy. The policy that starts with you at our local level.


Montana Farm Bureau Legislative staff lay the groundwork to ensure your voice is heard. Working the backrooms, committees and on the floor. Constantly building and maintaining relationships with lawmakers and key staff. Assuring that Montana Farm Bureau—and agriculture—always has a place at the table.

Our advocacy extends beyond the halls of Helena and Washington. It’s farmers and ranchers engaging and connecting with consumers on their concerns. Ggrid-xing relationships to strengthen the trust and importance of Montana agriculture.

Advocacy in Montana Farm Bureau. It wears many hats with a common goal. Securing a bright future for providers of food and fiber—and the Big Sky State—for generations to come.

2021 Legislative Session

From the Montana Legislative Branch website you can look up bills, find and message your legislators, view committee and hearing schedules and more.  Click here for the Montana Legislative Branch home page.  

March 23, 2020, at 11am

Tuesday, March 23
  • 11:00 AM MFBF Legislative Update
  • 11:30 AM Meeting with President of the Senate, Sen. Mark Blasdel and Speaker of the House, Rep. Wylie Galt
  • 12 Noon Meeting with Senate Ag Committee Chair, Sen. Mike Lang and House Ag Committee Chair, Rep. Josh Kassmier
  • 12:30 PM Meeting with Department of Ag Director Mike Foster
  • 1:00 PM Meeting with Lt. Governor Kristen Juras
  • 1:30 PM Meeting with DNRC Director Amanda Kaster
  • 2:00 PM Meeting Wrap-Up                            

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