Ag in Color

M.Y. Agriculture Literacy (Montana Youth Agriculture Literacy)

M.Y. Ag was created as a resource for educators to have access to accurate agricultural literature. With generous support from the Montana Farm Bureau Foundation, we have provided classrooms across Montana with books and materials to keep agriculture in the K-12 classroom. M.Y. Ag helps bridge the gap between those involved in agriculture and those who are generations removed from the farm or ranch. The goal is to make accurate ag materials accessible to all students in Montana.  

Ag in Color Drawing Contest                                                                  

The ‘Ag in Color’ drawing contest is open to all students and educators across Montana. Categories are designated for grades K-6. Teachers and parents are encouraged to visit our Teacher Resources page for lesson plans and information pertaining to each category. Entries must be submitted to the County Farm Bureau by December 1, 2023. The County Farm Bureau will submit the local winners to the Montana Farm Bureau for statewide consideration by December 15, 2023. Drawings are judged by the Montana Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee on agricultural content, originality, neatness, and reproducibility. Winning entries will be printed and distributed on usable items and other educational materials. 

Click here for the 2023-2024 'Ag in Color' Rules

Kindergarten- Farm Animals in Montana

Grade 1- Grown in Montana

Grade 2- Grains of Montana

Grade 3- Cattle in Montana

Grade 4- Noxious Weeds in Montana

Grade 5- Safety on Montana Farms and Ranches

Grade 6- Agricultural Careers in Montana

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