MFBF Political Action Committee (PAC)

Montana Farm Bureau Federation's Political Action Committee (PAC) is a non-partisan, voluntarily funded advocacy group that seeks to promote the interest of Montana's agricultural industry in state government. The MFBF PAC supports candidates that support agriculture and the values of Rural Montanans.

Our Mission-

  • To promote the personal and financial involvement of Montana farmers and ranchers in the electoral process, without regard to political affiliation.
  • To promote the economic and social intrests of farmers, ranchers, rural families, and agricultural-related interests through political involvement.
  • To educate political officeholders and candidates for office on the concerns and issues affecting the agricultural community within Montana.
  • To assist the nomination, election, or selection of qualified candidates to public office who have demonstrated basic beliefs and/or actions which are consistent with Montana Farm Bureau Federation policies, without regard to political affiliation.

According to the last census, less than 6% of Montanans are actively involved in agriculture. These demographic shifts are eroding rural Montana's influence in elections. We need your help to strengthen the voice of Montana's #1 industry...agriculture.

Donate $5 (or more!) to MFBF PAC when renewing your membership dues. 

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The PAC has on average an 80% success rate in helping pro-agriculture candidates get elected. With additional support from members like you, we can grow our impact to ensure more boots are under the desks at Helena.