Last week’s Friday Feature discussed the initial policy development process.  Here’s a quick recap:
  • An idea is discussed at a County Farm Bureau Policy Development Meeting
  • It’s turned into a policy resolution and voted on at the County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting
  • If approved by the County, it goes to the Montana Farm Bureau Annual Convention to be discussed by all voting delegates.
  • If approved by the voting delegates, it then officially becomes Farm Bureau Policy.
Four steps; it’s easy as pie!  But what happens once a resolution is actually in the MFBF Policy Book?
This week, we’re tuning into Tom DePuydt, Phillips County Farm Bureau President and MFBF District Director as he discusses the next steps of policy implementation.  Watch the full length video here.
The policy created by you, the MFBF Membership is what guides all legislative and policy decisions made by lobbying staff.  While the lobbyists certainly have their work cut out for them during a legislative session, it’s the policy, created by you that helps them be so successful. 
MFBF’s policy book is unique in many ways, likely the most important of which is that it serves as a strong guiding post for lobbyists and MFBF leadership to look to when evaluating legislative issues.  Legislators and other agency officials who are familiar with the MFBF policy process know that when lobbyists speak they aren’t speaking for the highest paying client, or solely of personal opinion, they’re speaking on behalf of farm and ranch families from all across this great state.
“I’d like to invite you, personally and as an MFBF Director, to come to Billings November 12-15 and join all the other Montana Families working together to build a better community, a better agriculture, and a better state.  It’s exciting; I’d like you to come.”
Tom’s a smart guy.  Be like Tom.  Come to the 98th Annual Montana Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention and see what we’re all about.