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Time and Money: Allies or Enemies


These tips help create a great foundation to building your savings and becoming a smart, savvy investor.

Feeding Our Neighbors


Summer will be here in the blink of an eye. Looking for a fun new summer event? Learn from the Wright County Farm Bureau in Missouri and give this a try!

Calling All County Leaders--What's Your Farm Bureau Brand?


As Farm Bureau members we are part of a brand image. Do you know how to grow and protect the Farm Bureau Brand in your own community?

Take on the Task of Leadership


Hill, Liberty, Blaine County Farm Bureau member, Megan Hedges, recently participated in the AFBF Issue Advisory Committee Meetings in Washington D.C.

Keeping Yourself Safe On Facebook


How to protect your photos, personal info, passwords and more.

Keeping Beef Council Producer Dollars Working for Montana


Montana Beef Council is still working hard to keep Montana producer dollars in-state. In order to do that, they need you to complete the producer consent form. Have you signed yours yet?

Work With the Media--And Let the Media Work For You!


Interviewing with the media is a great way to spread a positive message far and wide. Consider these tips the next time you're in front of a microphone.

A Better Advocate for Agriculture


How can we help people who don’t come from agricultural backgrounds understand more about agriculture?

The Perfect Recipe: Key Ingredients to Leadership


Being a leader is more than having the loudest voice in the room. By focusing on three key principles, we can all become more effective, successful leaders in Farm Bureau, our communities and our businesses.

(Don’t) Let it Snow!


As Spring continues winter will (eventually) become only a memory. Mariah Shammel, columnist, rancher and Fergus County Farm Bureau President reflects on some of the longest days spent waiting for a thaw.