This week, we’re talking with MFBF District 8 Director, Cindy Denning on why she chose to get and stay involved with Montana Farm Bureau.
"Once I found an organization that really advanced my learning (in agriculture), I grabbed on and took hold." Watch the rest of our interview with Cindy on the MFBF Facebook page.
Don’t miss this opportunity to grab on and take hold of your own agricultural education.  The Montana Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention is just around the corner and has plenty of educational opportunities available to attendees.
The Women’s Leadership Committee will meet Sunday afternoon.  For more info on Women’s Leadership Committee activities, be sure to check out this recent post.

Senator Llew Jones and Representative Rob Cook will attend the Taxation Committee meeting to discuss the tax implications of 
E-commerce in Montana.

The Montana Ag Safety Program is presenting a workshop on how to create a culture of safety among your employees and family members on the farm or ranch.

And that’s all just the first day of convention!
There’s so much in store for the rest of the week and we hope you can be there to experience it all with us.  Registrations are due by November 3rd; one week from today!  Click here to register now