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All We Want for Christmas is Tax Reform


The House and Senate passed slightly different tax reform bills. What do those bills look like and will a final version make it to the President by Christmas?

Tax Bills are Out, It's Time to Act!


With new tax reform plans released, it's time for farmers and ranchers to weigh in.

Advocacy in Washington D.C.


MFBF's Lillian Ostendorf recently traveled to our nation's capitol and had the opportunity to meet with our congressional delegation.

Friday Feature: Further Your Agricultural Education


Convention registration closes one week from today--don't miss out!

Farm Bureau Encouraged by Tax Framework


Montana Farm Bureau is pleased with the “Unified Framework for Fixing Our Broken Tax Code” announced today by the Trump Administration.

Poll: Tax Reform Needed for Farmers and America


“Americans are ready for tax reform, and many know the toll that taxes take on our farm and ranch families,” AFBF President Zippy Duvall said.

Tax Reform necessary for viability of farms, ranches


There are several tax reform strategies that can help a farmer or rancher pass on the farm to the next generation, and two of the most important ones are permanent repeal of the death tax and reducing the capital gains tax.

Bill would give stock water, domestic users deadline to file on formerly exempt water rights


We’re well into the second half of the Legislative session, and it was another busy week in Helena. At this point, many of the bills we see before committees are bills we’ve previously testified on that are completing the second half of their journey through the legislative process.

Seed bill needs more Montana voices


Montana’s seed bill is a proactive measure to keep seed regulation decisions in the state’s hands so that local farmers and ranchers know exactly where to look for guidance, just like they do with fertilizer laws. Please reach out to your urban Legislators especially to share why the regulatory consistency offered in the seed bill is important to you.

Farm Bureau Convention Concludes with 2017 Policy Roadmap


Delegates at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 2017 Annual Convention today approved a host of public policy measures designed to help assure a prosperous future for farmers, ranchers and everyone who depends on them for food, fuel and fiber.