President Trump promised to shake things up when it comes to trade, and he’s wasted no time in doing just that. His deal-making style may be different from what we’re used to seeing from the White House, but trade deals have always shaken up the status quo. Farmers and ranchers have a lot riding on the outcome in the days and weeks ahead, and we’ve wasted no time in making our voices heard.  
Of course, it’s easy to get caught up in the headlines and overlook progress that’s being made on the trade front. A modernized NAFTA seems to be nearing completion, bringing anticipated relief for thousands of farm and ranch families who depend on a vibrant trade partnership with Canada and Mexico. Although issues affecting dairy have yet to be resolved, the NAFTA renegotiation also gives us a clearer look at the administration’s approach to trade talks, and hope for a smooth resolution with China as well. 
This administration has been one of the most farm-focused our nation has seen in recent years. We do not doubt how greatly the president values agriculture. He has promised to fight for better trade deals for all, and we’re holding him to that. Just last week, he renewed his pledge to look out for farmers and ranchers in this trade dispute. Our voices are being heard, and we won’t tire of speaking up on the importance of trade.
That’s why we’re calling on our grassroots to participate in USTR’s public comment period on China tariffs.
We submitted statements to the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee as they conduct hearings to evaluate the impact of tariffs on American businesses. Our livelihoods depend on these markets, and we will continue to urge a swift resolution that allows U.S. ag trade to keep growing.


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