I'm Kaitlin Farver, from Scobey, Montana and recently returned from the Farm Bureau Young Farmer and Rancher Conference in Reno, Nevada where I met people and heard stories from all over the Nation.  Meeting people from all over the nation led me to realize how big yet how small the agriculture world can be.  The percentage of people that are hands on agriculture producers, is small.  I knew that there were many jobs in the agriculture world but I did not realize that those people outnumbered hands-on producers.  In Reno, there were many sectors of agriculture jobs represented such as, Plant Breeders and Geneticists, Agronomists, Spray Plane Pilots, and Secondary Education Agriculture teachers. 
I met young people from across the United States and when asked where they hope to end up in life the common reply was always “on a farm or ranch”.  All of those replies really opened my eyes and made me realize how lucky I am.  I come from a farm and ranch where I am the 5th generation and plan on returning home to continue running the operation. 
In Daniels County, my home county, we do not have a Farm Bureau chapter, which is disappointing and makes me want to start one.  My goal leaving for Reno was to bring back ideas and ways that I could start a successful Farm Bureau chapter.  I attended breakout sessions that would help me start a program. 
There were 5 points that were helpful and that I can use to guide me in the right direction:  

Show up—be engaged
Step up—join Farm Bureau, face issues, begin conversation
Team up—work together, form relationships, connect with people
Link up—expand, build connections
Speak up—advocate, use social media, form a platform

Farm Bureau is a great organization and I am so lucky to have such a good start into the organization with the Young Farmers and Ranchers Club at Miles Community College.  I would recommend that every young person involved in agriculture become a member of Farm Bureau.  They provide great resources and really want to see the Agriculture community thrive and want to invest in the next generation.  I also encourage every Young Farmer and Rancher member to attend a National Conference at least once in their lives, you will not regret it!