In March, I was given the opportunity to attend the FUSION conference in Milwaukee, WI. This conference brings together more than 1,200 Farm Bureau volunteer leaders from across the country from Promotions & Education, Women’s Leadership and Young Farmers & Ranchers programs. 

What a remarkable trip to see fellow agriculturalists come together in one place and tell their stories on how and why they believe ag is a main stay in America!

As an ag Broadcaster, member of the Montana Farm Bureau, and lucky enough to be a member of the P&E (Promotions and Education) Committee, it was a pleasure to visit with other members from around the country that deal with concerns and issues that affect all aspects of agriculture production.

With my background of reporting on farming and ranching concerns our ag folks deal with on a regular basis; I found the message from Redmond Ramos inspiring. 

What an amazing outlook on life Redmond presented!  His positive, second chance on life should be an inspiration to us all. Redmond was injured serving our country, eventually losing his leg. As a corpsman in the United States Marines, he was defending and protecting you and me, so we could celebrate the freedoms many take for granted.

Redmond brought a message of hope that we all should hear loud and clear. Stop whining, stop feeling sorry for yourself and go out and get it done. In the Amazing Race he was asked to row a boat with his feet, in which he only has one. He didn’t feel handicapped or pity for himself. Instead, he described the need to ask others for help and be willing to accept what you can and can’t control. In the world of ag, we need to do that as well.  Seek help, accept what you can control and what you cannot, but always continue to recognize your worth in ag production. We can all take away a valuable lesson learned and an inspirational message to share. 

Thank you, Montana Farm Bureau, for the opportunity to attend a conference where all members gained knowledge and inspiration to successfully continue in the world of agriculture.