Let’s face it; the ‘Farm Bureau’ hat is one of about 999,999 other hats you wear on any given day.  You are farmers and ranchers, you are small business owners. You are husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, children, siblings and friends.  You are a county commissioner, a basketball coach, a 4-H leader and President of the FFA Alumni.  You are Sunday school teachers and Church Council members and in between it all you’re feeding cows and harvesting wheat.

I’m tired just writing that.  This blog space is all about YOU—our dedicated, driven and creative Farm Bureau membership.  We’re here to share your accomplishments and experiences but also to help you keep growing.  Once of the fundamental components to a strong, healthy Farm Bureau is a strong, healthy community.  That means, you need to have tools and resources that help you be the best version of yourself in those 999,999 other roles, and by association, Farm Bureau benefits too.

Take this short (and I mean short) survey to help us get a better understanding of how we can best serve you in this space.  We’ll keep sharing about the excellent county programs and the leaders behind them, but what else can we do to bring you more useful information? 

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