The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture has unveiled a new project for students 5th through 8th grade!  The Purple Plow Challenge was created to encourage students to be creative and to dive into projects based on STEM learning.

What is STEM Curriculum? STEM is an acronym for learning based on the idea of students experience learning in four specific subject areas—Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

As our understanding and use of technology continues to grow it’s ever important that students are garnering and applying skills that will one day benefit them as adults. 

Why is it called the Purple Plow? “The Purple Plow Challenge brand was created to encompass both the history and future of agriculture; the plow symbolizes the history of production agriculture, while purple represents the innovative and exciting ways that agriculture is working to solve challenges today.”

Who can participate in the Purple Plow Challenge? Individuals, groups and classes in grades 5-8 are eligible to enter the challenge competition.

However-- Anyone can utilize the resources to complete the challenge if they are not in the eligible school grades to compete.

When does the Challenge start? The Purple Plow Challenge is a seasonal project. The spring 2018 project is currently underway and you can find more information about the current challenge here.

It’s a challenge, can we win something? Yes! Prizes differ based on the challenge, but this spring all teams who complete the challenge by the deadline will be entered in a drawing for eight $500 grants! The top three entries will win a 3D printer and Visa gift card.

How can I participate? Check out the Purple Plow website  to learn more about the unveiling of the 2018 fall challenge. You can also connect to with the challenge on social media: @PurplePlow.

Montana Farm Bureau Federation encourages local teachers & students to participate in this challenge. If we can provide more information or assistance, please contact Rikki Murrill,