By now, you’ve probably caught the drift; it’s Agricultural Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) Week.  This week we’ve been talking to you about elements of safety that can easily be incorporated into the daily practices of your farm or ranch.  Each day we covered  a specific theme; so far we’ve covered hearing and respiratory safety, impaired driving and fire safety.  All that great information is on the MFBF Facebook page and we’ve been recapping lots of great safety information right here on the blog.   
Many farmers and ranchers already have great safety protocols securely in place on their farms and ranches.  You have regular safety meetings, you’re trained in first aid and follow strict rules when it comes to safely operating all types of farm equipment.  Having these plans in place and following them regularly is great—in fact it’s fantastic! However, don’t forget about the most important investment you can make in the longevity of your family farm or ranch; taking care of yourself.
As farmers and ranchers your days are often a blur because there is always someone or something demanding your attention and time.  Every country kid has heard a parent tell them, “We don’t eat until animals are fed and chores are done.”  Putting others before ourselves is an important life lesson learned from a very young age in agriculture, but we can’t let this mentality (or a strong dose of stubborn grit) allow us to neglect our own health and wellness.
Most of us have plans to live long fulfilling lives; and arguably our families would appreciate that too, so today we’re sharing some resources to help make sure you’re investing in our own health.  Because, let’s face it, you’ve got a lot of work to do!
My Plate, My Wins
Anatomy of a First Aid Kit
Sun Safety Tips

Did you know?

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As we wind down the 2018 ASAP Week, we want to thank you for coming along with us.  The health and safety of Montana’s farm and ranch families is our highest priority;  if you’re interested in more health and safety information contact MFBF’s Rikki Murrill,