The Montana Farm Bureau Federation believes grassroots advocacy is the most effective way to make real policy changes. We seek to provide opportunities for members to increase their advocacy skills and participation levels. Voting members are encouraged to get involved and make a difference in the agriculture industry by commenting on local, state and national level agency rule proposals, testifying on bills, contacting legislators, and so on. 

The MFBF Fly-In will reward members for participation in the policy development process with an opportunity to sharpen skills and take their advocacy to the next level on a lobbying trip to Washington, D.C. 


All Voting Century Club members are encouraged to apply. Once awarded, a member may participate once every three years. 

What and When? 

Members selected will attend a 2019 Montana Farm Bureau D.C. Fly-In on July 10-13. Attendees will meet with Montana’s Congressional Delegation, agency officials, and participate in other meetings as applicable. Travel costs will be covered by MFBF. All meetings, activities and tours will be organized and guided by Nicole Rolf, MFBF National Affairs Director. 


Members must complete an application and provide documentation of the activities. Applications will be scored and the top three applicants will be selected.

Three MFBF members participated in last year's fly-in.  Rhonda Hergenrider, a farmer and rancher from Belfry and Carbon/Stillwater Counties President was one of them.  She wrote a great blog post about the trip: They Want to Hear from You.

To learn more visit the program guidelines and application on the MFBF website. The application deadline is May 3, 2019!