Bozeman, Montana – Dana Jansen has been hired as the Director of Ag Safety for the Montana State Fund Ag Safety Program. 

Jansen, a Fairfield native, stated that her involvement in 4-H and FFA lead her to attend Montana State University and earn a bachelor’s degree in agricultural education Broadfield teaching. After graduating, Jansen moved to Lavina to join her husband’s family cow/calf operation and begin her career as an agriculture educator and FFA advisor at Broadview Public Schools. 

“As an agricultural producer and educator, I know everything we do to provide food, fiber, and fuel for the world is inherently risky,” Jansen said. “Unpredictable weather, livestock and equipment all pose their own set of challenges. I know that there is a hard-working, American farm family, just like mine, behind each of these farms and ranches that contributes to more than simply the prosperity and security of our nation.

“I am eager to take the lines of the Montana Ag Safety Program as the Director of Agricultural Safety. What better way to ensure vitality in our rural communities than to protect the people that call them home?” Jansen said. 

Participating organizations in the Montana Ag Safety Program include the Montana Farm Bureau Federation, Stockgrowers Association, Montana Wool Growers Association, Montana Grain Growers Association, Montana Pork Producers, Montana Cattleman’s Association, and Montana Organic Association. Jansen’s office will be housed in the MFBF office in Bozeman, however, she will work remotely out of Lavina.

To contact Dana Jansen, call (406) 667-2116 or