BOZEMAN, Montana – County and state Farm Bureau leaders across the nation are sharing resources that will help farmers and ranchers keep safety top-of-mind through the Agricultural Safety Awareness Program. As part of this year’s ASAP commemoration, March 4-8 has been designated as Agricultural Safety Awareness Week. U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers will join Farm Bureau in promoting the week with its theme “Cultivating Safety: Protecting our Future.”  

A different safety focus will be highlighted by Montana Farm Bureau and U.S. Ag Centers each day of the week:  Monday, March 4 – Animal Safety; Tuesday, March 5 – Fire Safety; Wednesday, March 6, Cost of Safety Prevention; Thursday, March 7 – Eye Safety; Friday, March 8 – Tick/Lyme Disease Awareness.

During this week and throughout the year, Farm Bureau encourages farmers to make safety a  priority on the farm.  

“Farm Bureau has a long history of working to ensure safety is a priority on America’s farms and ranches,” said Montana Farm Bureau President Cyndi Johnson.  “We’re proud to continue supporting members of our agricultural communities in their efforts to save lives and prevent injuries and lost time on the job.”  

The Agricultural Safety Awareness Program is a product of Farm Bureau Health and Safety Network of Farm Bureau staff who share an interest in identifying and decreasing safety and health risks. For more information and resources, visit the ASAP Facebook page.  

“Whether you raise livestock for a living or grow crops using large machinery, safety is always paramount,” noted Montana Ag Safety Program Director Dana Jansen. “We are here to remind everyone that safety is no accident and to remember that wise saying that slower is actually faster.”

Visit the Centers’ YouTube channel ( for new content and fresh ideas about how to stay safe while working in agriculture, forestry and fishing. Join the movement to keep farms safe and share your own safety messages on social media using the hashtags #ASAP24 and #USAgCenters.  The 12 U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers ( are funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. 

Check out the Montana Farm Bureau Federation Facebook Page for daily safety tips during ASAP week.