Since 1954, the mission of the Montana Beef Council (MBC) has been to promote beef and beef consumption in Montana, across the country and around the world.  They do this through a variety of programs and promotional events.  In fact, much of the money collected through the $1 per head Beef Checkoff is quickly turned over and invested back into outside programs and promotions hosted by other organizations.

It is federal law that livestock producers must pay the $1 Checkoff each year, but what happens to that money is decided by the Montana Beef Council Board of Directors who, by the way, are your livestock producing peers.  The twelve member board is appointed or elected by membership organizations throughout Montana.

The Big 12 are…
  • Montana Stockgrowers Association
  • Montana Cattlemen’s Association
  • Montana CattleWomen
  • Livestock Auction Markets
  • Montana Cattle Feeders Association
  • Montana Meat Processors Association
  • Montana Food Distributors Association
  • Meat Packer/Processors
  • Montana Farmers Union
  • Montana Angus Association
  • Dairy Industry Representative
  • Montana Farm Bureau Federation

I can’t speak for the other organizations, but I can tell you a little bit about how MFBF appoints their Beef Council representative.  Jim Taber is the current MFBF rep to the Beef Council.  Jim is currently serving as the President of the Montana Beef Council as well.  Jim is a rancher from Shawmut and has an extensive history of leadership within MFBF.

A member of the Beef Council of Board of Directors may serve up to three, three-year terms for a total of nine years. When it’s time to appoint someone new, MFBF looks towards our membership.  Through talking with our own Board of Directors, County Farm Bureau leaders and incorporating staff input we surface a candidate who is a rancher and livestock producer, is interested in serving on the Beef Council, and will confidently represent the views of Montana Farm Bureau members when conducting Beef Council business.  From there, the candidate or candidates are submitted to the MFBF Board of Directors and a final selection is made. 

There’s no doubt the Montana Beef Council Board of Directors is deeply invested in furthering beef promotion and beef consumption.  However, their ability to do so has been greatly impeded by the R-CALF USA v. USDA lawsuit which currently prevents MBC from using any Beef Checkoff dollars unless they can produce a signed Producer Consent Form authorizing the use of those dollars.

It’s critically important that all ranchers sign and return these forms to MBC. Without these forms, MBC’s ability to continue their beef promotion and education programs is greatly compromised.  Have you signed your form?

Producer Consent Form

The form is available on the Montana Beef Council website:

Click on ‘Download Form’

A fillable pdf (meaning you can click on a blue box and type the information straight in) will open in another window. You can print or download and save the form from here.

When completing the form, please note, the name of the owner or cattle representative must be the same as it appears on your brand registration.  For more clarification on that, watch this Facebook Live video with MFBF’s Nicole Rolf and Beef Council President Jim Taber: 

Once you’ve filled out your form and signed it, you can submit it online:

Click ‘Submit Form’

Enter your name and email address and click ‘Choose File’.  Select your completed form and follow the other on-screen prompts.


Print your completed form, sign it and submit via mail to the address on the form.

Other Important Info:

  • Keep in mind, in order for your checkoff dollars to be available this year, your form must be correctly submitted, BEFORE, you ship your calves!
  • You have to sign and submit a new form each year.  If you haven’t submitted one for 2018 yet, you’ve still got time.
  • Once the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2019, it’s time to sign and submit another form for next year.