At the time I'm writing this editorial we have just finished a very successful summer conference in Fairmont Hot Springs. We had very productive board meetings, excellent foundation meetings, wonderful speakers and great committee meetings. 
I am grateful for a fantastic Board of Directors who came in a day early for a strategic planning session to planning our next hundred years. I'm appreciative of the delegates who chose these district leaders to serve on the board. Every one of our board members is dedicated, engaged and actively participates in the board discussions. 
 We have a fabulous Montana Farm Bureau Foundation board with committed individuals who give their all. We have undertaken a monumental task of raising $100,000 to reinvest in Montana communities for economic stimulus. I'm overwhelmed at the generosity of our Montana Farm Bureau members, and even several of our Farm Bureau staff, in supporting very worthy cause. 
As we look forward to the next 100 years of Montana Farm Bureau it's exciting and stimulating to look back at our previous 100 years of the dedication and commitment our forefathers had in keeping this organization vital and strong in its fledgling years. I have a crisp $100 bill for anyone who can spend 30 seconds around Laura Nelson and not be excited about the history and the fun facts that she's covering about our organization and its history. 
 As I looked at the members attending our summer conference, I realized how many of us are multi- generational Farm Bureau families. It is exciting to see the future in the Montana Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers, Collegiate Farm Bureau, and in the FFA/4H that we strongly support. 
I realize with the growth of Farm Bureau there are many more new members that are multi-generational members; it is our challenge to stimulate the activity and growth in our organization to continue to make multi-generational commitments for the next one hundred years.
As we approach the county Farm Bureau annual meeting season, let’s renew our commitment to be engaged and active in our Farm Bureau organizations throughout the state. 
Thank you for the tremendous opportunity to be your state president at this exciting time in our history.
I invite everyone to look into the history of your county Farm Bureau. I'm sure you will find it has tremendous ties to your community history. 
I invite everyone to share the Farm Bureau message and recruit new friends to join us at this most exciting time. If I don't see you at your county annual meeting in September, I look forward to visiting with all of you in November at our annual convention at the Northern and Doubletree Hotels in Billings. The schedule has changed, so mark your calendar: the dates are November 7-10, which is a Wednesday to Saturday. See you there!

Hans McPherson farms and ranches in Montana's Bitterroot Valley.