This week, Montana Farm Bureau Vice President Cyndi Johnson shares why she loves attending the Montana Farm Bureau Annual Convention every year.
"When people talk about grassroots, this is where it happens. Montana Farm Bureau Federation is really your opportunity to have a seat at the table." — Cyndi Johnson, farmer and Montana Farm Bureau Federation Vice President.
Cyndi, along with her husband Ken, are farmers from Conrad and longtime MFBF members.  Check out the rest of Cyndi’s story on the MFBF Facebook Page.
As a farmer, a topic Cyndi closely follows is the discussion and research surrounding Genetically Modified Technologies.  Progress in this type of research is rapidly changing the game and allowing people in agriculture to better manage their land, water and other resources. 
Dr. Gary Brester, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Agriculture Economics and Economics at Montana State University will be joining us as the keynote speaker during lunch on Monday, November 13.  He will be discussing the effects of the European Union Ban on Genetically Modified Technologies.

If you’ve ever heard Dr. Brester speak before, or are a former student, you know his presentation will be packed with high quality information and a fair share of laughs.  You won’t want to miss this keynote!
TODAY is the last day to register for convention.  Don’t miss out—register online now!