We’ve all seen the Farm Bureau booth set up at the local fair with a table covered in brochures. This has become a tradition for many county Farm Bureaus, but is this really the best way to spread your message? Whether you are trying to recruit new members, share information about agriculture with the general public, update folks on a recent ag issue or a combination of all of three, we have some fresh ideas to get your message out at a local event as popular as the fair.

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!


Coupons are an easy way to get your message in the hands (literally!) of many people. For example, the Montana Farm Bureau Foundation has been sponsoring $1 coupons for the 4-H ice cream booth at the Montana State Fair for a few years. They are spreading an ag message, supporting youth in ag, and putting their name out there to show their support. Your county Farm Bureau can use this idea locally!

Why fair booth coupons are easy & effective:

  • The amount of coupons you provide is whatever fits your budget!

  • It’s easy to set up with the concession stand, 4-H club, etc. for ice cream, a soda, bucket of popcorn, or just $1 in value toward a menu of items.

  • Inform the group or business what amount you are sponsoring and ask where to send the check.

  • Print your coupons (ask your Regional Manager for help!) and regardless if all of the coupons are redeemed, inform the group or business you will still pay the pledged amount.

  • Use the coupons to thank an active Farm Bureau family, reward a hard working pig showman, thank a sponsor, introduce yourself to a potential member, etc.

Other ideas to consider for tour fair booth:

  • Ask your local MWFBI agent to double your sponsorship if you add their name on the coupon.

  • Include a fun farm fact to send a positive agricultural message.

  • Ask if you can hang your banner in the barn or exhibit hall as a return for your sponsorship.

It is so valuable to have a Farm Bureau booth at the county fair with literature for those who pass by. But thinking of new ways to get out and shake hands with new and old faces while personally giving them a gift. Who doesn’t love a coupon? Especially if it is for ice cream!