Stuck in a rut?  It can happen to even the most active of County Farm Bureaus.  You’ve done the same things for a number of years, because the events basically run themselves at this point.  This year, we’re encouraging you to take a hard look at your county Program of Work and make an intention effort to consider what you we can do differently in 2018.  There are amazing things happening in Farm Bureau all around the country and we want to help bring you a few fresh ideas this year.  
We interviewed staff and volunteers from county Farm Bureaus that won the County Activities of Excellence Award from the American Farm Bureau.  These awards acknowledge successful county Farm Bureau programs and activities.  The next event takes us to Butler County, Kansas where Tiya Tonn-Oppold tells us about their Farm to Fork Dinner. 
What is the name of your event and how long has your county Farm Bureau been hosting it?
Farm to Fork & So Much More
Why did your Farm Bureau begin hosting this event?
The east half of our county is a very rural ranching area with few people while the West is an overflow of Wichita & very urban.  We saw the need to get the two sides of the county communicating in a friendly manner and what is friendlier than a good meal?
What was easy about planning this event?
The need was clear.  So, it became my passion.
What was difficult about planning this event?
Convincing the Board there was a need to educate consumers; they just don’t “know” where food comes from!
What positive results have you seen from hosting this event?
We had a sellout crowd.  The press was great.  Here six months later people are still talking about it!
Have there been any results or outcomes that you didn’t expect to see?
It was even more positive than we expected.  In fact, two other organizations are now trying to put on an event like ours right ahead of ours this summer because it was so well received.
How have you changed or adapted the event over the years you’ve been hosting it?
This summer will be year three.  We are having fewer tour stops and spending more time at each stop.  Beginning in year two, we had to add two charter buses to hold those on the tour.
What have you and members of your Farm Bureau learned from hosting this event?
If you feed them, they will come!  We learned that this is a great way to educate, when people are having fun!
What advice would you give to a County Farm Bureau who was considering hosting a similar event?
Get a large committee!
If you’re interested in more tips for hosting your own Farm to Fork dinner, contact