My name is Morgan Kuntz and I am from Dillon, MT. I raise cattle and horses as the 4th generation on my family ranch and I also work as the Director of Development for the Montana FFA Foundation. I first became connected with Farm Bureau in a professional sense. I often found myself interviewing MFBF staff and leaders for various articles and it didn’t take me long to realize the depth and breadth of passion those individuals had for Montana’s ag industry. It was because of those positive interactions that I decided I needed to become a member of MFBF two years ago.

When I first learned about the ACE program, I was intrigued by what it had to offer. I was encouraged to apply for ACE this year and after discussing the program with a couple of people I decided to apply. I felt if I participated in the program I could gain further industry connections, learn how to be an even better advocate for agriculture and learn more about MFBF along the way.

After completing the ACE program, simply put, I want to be more involved in my county Farm Bureau. As a busy one-woman show on the ranch, it can be easy to use the excuse “I am too busy actually BEING in agriculture to ADVOCATE for agriculture” and that is a bad habit I am determined to break.

I believe the ag industry is in desperate need of unity right now and such solidarity cannot be achieved if all of us producers just decided to sit back and let “someone else” handle it. Agriculturalists only make up 2 percent of the population and there is a such division within us it is no wonder society writes us off- they have too many voices and opinions to listen to and it is all very confusing. As an all-inclusive ag industry, grassroots organization, Farm Bureau is primed to be a leader in unifying our industry and I want to help this wonderful organization out as best I can. I firmly believe participating in the ACE program will help me do it.

According to a study done by the University of Minnesota Extension, Montana is in need of leaders. The study articulated that one in 22 Montanans need to step up and be a leader in their industry. That number really puts into perspective why grassroots involvement is so important not only to the ag industry but to the vibrancy of our rural communities as well. Rural America is our country's heartbeat and who better make a difference in this world than those who embody our country’s core values? If not us, then who?

I am so glad I applied for the ACE program and I look forward to growing as an MFBF member and leader.