Louise Stoner is a Farm Bureau member from Lewis & Clark County.  Recently, Louise had the opportunity to attend the American Farm Bureau Federation Convention in New Orleans.  The Convention offered a variety of workshops, speakers and special events for attendees.  Louise attended a workshop that discussed opportunities for local country Farm Bureaus to partner with 4-H programs.

Presented by Justin Crowe, a 4-H Youth Development Specialist with University of Tennessee Extension and Dan Strasser with Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation; the workshop focused on easy ways county Farm Bureaus can support their local 4-H programs.

Farm Bureau members can:
* Serve as 4-H judges and volunteers
* Be a sponsor for 4-H and/or 4-Her of the month
* Provide feedback for public speaking contest winners
* Teach at 4-H Day 
* Be a 4-H leader
* Assist 4-H Citizenship Day event
* Farm Bureau women’s club can coordinate stuffed animal drive
* “Fill A Ford” food drive
4-H members and agents can:
* 4-H agent can serve as county YF&R chair
* 4-H members can be invited to speak at Farm Bureau annual county meetings
* 4-H members can present at school AG Days
* 4-H members to lead ice breaker events
If you’re interested in expanding your involvement and partnerships there are even more opportunities to collaborate on a state-wide scale.
State Level:
* All graduating 4-H members are invited to attend all YF&R events
* 4-H/FFA Land Judging competition
* 4-H Ambassador tour for State Farm Bureau office
* Support skill-a-thon
* Present workshops at 4-H Congress…be judges
* State capital challenge
* Meet legislators
Working with local 4-H programs is an easy partnership for Farm Bureaus everywhere.  Montana Farm Bureau was originally established as a grassroots arm of the Extension Service.  What better to mentor the next generation of farmers and ranchers than by partnering with 4-H programs in your area.
To learn more about supporting local 4-H programs visit the Montana 4-H website or contact your Regional Manager.