It seems like a lifetime since the most recent legislative session adjourned.  However, don’t blink, because before we know it, it’ll be time to gear up for the 2019 Legislative Session.

If you’ve been following our legislative coverage you know that we’ve been taking the summertime weeks to say, ‘thanks’ to the many legislators that MFBF worked so closely with.  Many of those folks have been award winners and we’ve been taking the time to highlight their achievement and thank them for their service to Montana.

We’re wrapping up with a showcase of all the legislators who received an ‘Honorable Mention’ in the MFBF Legislative Report Card.  These legislators voted with agriculture much of the time, and were consistently open-minded and collaborative even when they didn’t support our position. We thank them for their service and appreciate their work!

House of Representatives:

Senate :

If you’d like to see the break-down of how every Legislator faired on the MFBF Report Card, check it out here:

Finally, to the Legislators of the 65th Montana Legislative Session, thank you. Thank you for dedicating so much of your time and energy to our great state. Thank you for taking your job seriously and representing your constituency to the best of your ability. Thank you for hearing, reading and responding to the hundreds and hundreds of emails, phone calls and messages. We know that isn’t always easy. Thank you for an open mind and a cooperative attitude, even when we find ourselves on opposite sides. Thank you for acknowledging rural Montana as our state’s backbone and standing up for Montana’s farm and ranch families.  We’ll see you all again in 2019!