Hello! My name is Ed Bandel. I was raised on a dry land grain farm in Chouteau County and was introduced to Farm Bureau as a child because my parents were very active in the county organization. I joined Farm Bureau when I returned from college and started my farming career. I have been on the county board ever since (46 years). I’ve also served in many other capacities; as a member of the MFBF Board of Directors and on several statewide committees.

MFBF ACEI was interested in the A.C.E. program because I’m hoping to learn ways to improve my leadership skills. After all these years as a leader I thought I should learn how!

After completing the program, my main goal is to raise interest in the organization and increase the number of farmers involved in our county Farm Bureau.

There is no shortage of communication challenges facing agriculture. Climate change is huge in the way it influences people’s attitudes toward farming as well as almost everything else. Through A.C.E., I hope to become better at communicating agriculture’s story and become an active part of the conversation.

It’s important for farmers and ranchers to continue to educate ourselves on communication and advocacy. If we don’t tell our side of the story, someone else will tell their version of it.