I am Kris Descheemaeker from Lewistown. I have been a member of Fergus County Farm Bureau for 40 years.  I currently serve as the secretary/treasurer of Fergus County and the District 3 Representative on the Montana Farm Bureau Board. 

MFBF ACEAs a board member I will be representing all the Farm Bureau members in Montana and I need to be able to communicate my thoughts to the public in a cohesive manner. The A.C.E. program will help me do that.

There is a great opportunity to share agriculture with our youth by offering resources and volunteering our time in schools. Once I’ve completed A.C.E., I would like to start a campaign within our county Farm Bureau to encourage and seek out members who would like to start reading in the schools at least twice in the school year.

Climate change is an important topic for farmers and ranchers to engage in. Getting factual information about agriculture’s roll in controlling and preventing global warming to the public should be a priority for our industry. A.C.E. participation will help me understand the best approach that will make the most impact on the target audience.  

I hope to use the skills and techniques I learn in A.C.E. to help build a coalition that will help get accurate agriculture information to school age children. Groups may include the school district, Boys & Girls Club, Workforce Development, 4-H and others. 

Rural Montanans need to continually develop our leadership skills. If we don’t become leaders and advocate for our way of life, some one else will and we might not like what their message is.