My name is Chuck Rein. I’m a Century Club Member of Sweet Grass County Farm Bureau. I joined Montana Farm Bureau in 1976. Our ranch name is Rein Anchor Ranch, LLP.  My wife Pam and I have three adult children and six grandchildren.  My oldest daughter is a large animal veterinarian in this area, my other daughter ranches with her husband and 3 kids nearby, and my son and his family are here on the ranch.  We run a cow/calf/ and sometimes yearling operation.  The ranch was started by my Grandfather in 1893 here on the east side of the Crazy Mountains.  In 1976, Pam and I bought the ranch from my parents and in 1986 we started our outfitting business called Anchor Outfitting. 
I have an interest in, and knowledge of, federal land issues and was appointed to serve on the American Farm Bureau Federal Lands Committee. I am a dual permit holder (grazing and outfitting) on the Custer/Gallatin National Forest.  I have dealt with the forest service for many years concerning forest use and have a good understanding of how the system works.  I have also been personally involved in various public access issues.  I have been a volunteer fireman most of my adult life.  Fire and fire management on federal lands needs to be addressed in a constructive manner and I bring a personal perspective to this issue.  
The committee focus was mostly on forest service issues.  Timber harvest, fire management, Wilderness Study Areas, Big Horn sheep conflicts with domestic sheep grazing, and access to public lands were discussed in detail. This committee has the authority to set policy for AFBF.   I brought a policy proposal forward to this committee and will ask our local Farm Bureau to endorse the policy as well. 
Our organization has great credibility with the United States Congress; grassroots efforts like these are what give Montana a strong and direct link to guide national policy.