National Ag Day is Tuesday, March 20.  But here at MFBF, we don’t think it’s possible to fit that kind of a celebration into just one day.  So, we’re going to be celebrating the entire week!  Hosted by the Agriculture Council of America, Ag Day strives to shed light on agriculture’s contribution to our everyday lives.  Everyone should understand how their food and fiber is produced; with understanding comes appreciation for the role America’s farm and ranch families play in providing safe and affordable products. 
Because agriculture is still Montana’s number one industry we forget there is still work to be done promoting and educating about agriculture—even within our own communities.  This week, we want all our readers to commit to celebrating not only Ag Day, but all the wonderful contributions farmers and ranchers make to our communities and economies.
Need a little help spreading the word? 

5 ways to celebrate National Ag Week

Commit to making one social media post a day  
If you’re not the most social media savvy aggie on your rural route, please don’t be discouraged.  Posts don’t have to be scripted with photos by professionals. Be candid and be genuine. Your followers want to see you and the day-to-day activities of farm and ranch life.  So, snap a photo from the tractor seat or take a short video clip of cows headed for the feed line.  Include a short caption telling the story and you’re all set!
  • Don’t forget: Use  #AgDay and tag Montana Farm Bureau on all your social media platforms throughout the week.
  • Check out these great social media cards, simply right click on the images to save and use them on your own social media!
Write a Letter to the Editor  
As a farmer or rancher, you can speak straight from the heart on so many great ag topics.  Share those with your community!  If you need a little inspiration check out this example to help get you started. 

Host a Montana Made meal  
A truly great way to bring family and friends  together is over a meal.  Think about inviting at least one person who you know doesn’t have much farm and ranch experience.

Share Ag Day materials with local classrooms
You might not have the time to plan a classroom event, but who says you can’t still share Ag Day with the local youth?
Contact your Elected Officials
National Ag Day provides a great bridge to bring up important topics with local legislators.  Currently, we are urging Farm Bureau members to contact our members of Congress and ask them to support S. 2421 and HR 5275 to make it clear that air emissions from animal waste on a farm or ranch are not eligible for CERCLA reporting requirements.  Get more information here

National Ag Day—and really any day for that matter—is ripe with opportunity to connect with non-ag audiences.  Reaching out is often half the battle.  If we simply remember to be intentional with our plans and thoughtful with our communication we may even surprise ourselves by the results we achieve!