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ACE’ing Youth Agriculture Education


If we don’t become leaders and advocate for our way of life, some one else will and we might not like what their message is.

Influencing hearts and minds for agriculture


Everyday our industry becomes an even hotter topic for those that don’t understand or are quick to judge our practices, so by doing our best to learn from past mishaps we can continue to influence minds and build up our industry.

A seat at the table


We need to find, recognize, and encourage leaders in our communities to get involved and speak up on whatever level they can and within whatever time frame they can give. I would like everyone to have a seat at the table.

Always growing, always learning


It’s important for farmers and ranchers to continue to educate ourselves on communication and advocacy. If we don’t tell our side of the story, someone else will tell their version of it.

A United Voice For Agriculture


I feel through Farm Bureau we can help answer the calls and questions with factual and up-to-date data. I believe it is up to us to represent our industry and tell our story.

Every agriculturalists’ responsibility


We all depend upon both a healthy natural world (environment) and economical agricultural production (affordable food and clothing). This is why it is so critically important that agriculture communicates both how and what it is doing to better protect our natural world.