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Electronic Logging Devices, trucking service hours, concerns for agriculture


Montana farmers and ranchers who move their own cattle or hire truckers are keeping a close watch on the Farm-Bureau backed ELD (Electronic Logging Device) Extension Act of 2017.

Montana Strong


With so many opportunities to donate supplies, labor and money to Lodgepole Fire relief efforts, here are some highlights of how Montanans have stepped in to help.

Endecott Ranch Conservation Story


On the Endecott Ranch near Ennis, cows are number one. From calving through weaning, and throughout the long, harsh winters in the Madison Valley, Janet Endecott’s Red Angus and Herefords receive the best of everything.

Business risk management for beef producers


Tips from Dr. Nevil Speer, U.S. Operations Agriclear, as presented in his workshop at the 2017 American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention and Trade Show.