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Tell Governor Bullock to Sign HB 286 into Law


Congratulations! HB 286 has been sent to Governor Bullock and we have until May 11 to encourage him to sign the bill into law.

State lands bill receives strong bi-partisan support


The legislative gears will continue to grind for at least another week.

Shifting demographics: state & local tax study is up for debate


Montana’s economic landscape is changing rapidly, and issues this session have revealed that the state’s current tax structure may not accurately reflect the many changes to Montana’s economy.

Transmittal deadline looms in legislature for revenue bills


This week brought the transmittal deadline for all revenue and appropriations bills. Committees were up against the clock to schedule hearings, take executive action and send these bills to the House Appropriations committee.

Bison transfer, fire assessment fees spark debate


Things are still moving quickly in Helena. While we’re monitoring many bills which are nearing the end of the legislative process, there’s still time for new pieces of legislation to cross the starting line.

Legislature gears up after transmittal break


This week marked the first full week of committee hearings after the transmittal break.

Agriculture fares well in first half of the Montana Legislative Session


With last week’s transmittal deadline marking the half-way point of the 66th Montana Legislature, it’s only fitting that we provide an update on the first half of the session. By and large, agriculture has fared well during the uphill stretch.

Does DNRC Co-own Your Water Right?


Helena will be quiet for a few days while legislators and lobbyists catch their breath over the transmittal break. Read on a updates on bills we've been following as well as a few new pieces of legislation.

Additional Elk Tags During Shoulder Season Hunts May Be Within Reach


With just one week until transmittal things in Helena are speeding up.

The Rest is History


This week was certainly one for the history books. Montana Farm Bureau celebrated its 100th birthday on February 13.