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Technology is the Answer to Feed a Growing Population


We will need innovation with all sectors of agriculture.

Rural Advocacy Calls for Creativity


When the results of the next decennial census (just around the corner) are in, we’ll likely see that the trend of rural population decline continues.

The Grassroots Way


Our grassroots way of doing things in Farm Bureau is very effective in Washington.

The Glamorous Lifestyle of a Ranch Mom


It’s 10:28 on a Saturday night and this is the first time since 7:30 this morning that I’m alone.

Career, creative management helps young producer keep ranch sustainable


"I really just wanted to ranch, but due to generational issues, there wasn’t an opportunity at that time to stay."

Perils of Ignoring Politics


We need to support candidates who value our industry. We cannot ignore politics, if we do, we do it at our peril.

Zach Weimortz: From California to Montana—a look at agriculture and consumer relations


It’s better to involve someone in in the discussion than just telling them something. Understand why they believe what they do and figure out where that belief came from.

The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same


Many of the same issues that farmers faced in Montana in 1919 are almost identical to the ones we are facing in 2019.

Back to School, Already?


Right this very minute you might be rolling your eyes at me for talking about back to school. But August is back-to-school month.

Brews with the Farm Bureau


Because, “reinforcing and strengthening member county farm bureaus” is part of the mission of the MFBF, we also focused the gathering on membership.