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Sustainability: Who Will Define It?


If we don't have our own definition of sustainability how can we tell others what it means?

State lands bill receives strong bi-partisan support


The legislative gears will continue to grind for at least another week.

We Stand at a Tipping Point


Gus Turner of Missoula won first place in the Montana Farm Bureau Foundation Speech contest.

Be the Face Behind the Farm


We need to get over our fears about sharing what a vital role in our world we hold.

COOL resolution, economic development programs linger in Helena


Sprint to the finish! Legislation that's still waiting to cross the finish line.

Paint Your Own Picture


Advocating is not a passive endeavor. If we don't speak for ourselves, someone else will.

MFBF D.C. Fly-In: Who, What, Where & When


Voting members are encouraged to get involved and make a difference in the agriculture industry.

Shifting demographics: state & local tax study is up for debate


Montana’s economic landscape is changing rapidly, and issues this session have revealed that the state’s current tax structure may not accurately reflect the many changes to Montana’s economy.

Farm Bill, Trade and Hemp Dominate Farm Policy Talks


The Farm Bill has been signed and is awaiting implementation. Many of us had questions, but very few answers were available.

Choose to lead and answer the call to advocate


The MFBF ACE program has interested me since it’s’ inception because I saw it as an opportunity to engage local communities about agricultural issues.