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Show Me the Money


Neel Kashkari, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis is coming to Bozeman on Wednesday, September 5 for a public Town Hall Forum at MSU.

Hello? 9-1-1 Dispatch…


Technology is most certainly a blessing in many ways...but it has it's fair share of cursed moments. Especially if you're ranch wife.

Anti-Mining Initiative Not Based in Reality


Montana mining contributes nearly $42 million dollars in annual tax revenue, which supports local education, infrastructure and law enforcement, among other things.

Safety First! Is State-Run OSHA Program Right for Montana?


The policy development process is in full swing across Farm Bureau country. A state-run OSHA program is an emerging issue that MFBF doesn't have clear policy on.

Generational Commitment, Dedication and Engagement


"As we look forward to the next 100 years of Montana Farm Bureau it's exciting an stimulating to look back our our previous 100 years..."

Industry Update: MFBF Sheep & Goat Committee


Updates on predators, fencing and markets from MFBF's Sheep & Goat Committee

Conversation Not Confrontation


Before we can accurately and effectively answer questions about agriculture we have to first listen to what is actually being asked.

For the Health of It


An update from MFBF's Health & Safety Committee Chair on what they've been up to.

The Future is Now: Sustainable Agriculture


Sustainability – what does that really mean in agriculture, and how do you relay important information?

MFBF Tax Committee: What You Need To Know


An update from MFBF's Taxation Committee Chair.