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"The Farm Bureau differs from many organizations in that it is not created for personal gain,  but rather to render service. It aims to seek out and enlist the talents and time of those  who have ability, time and inclination for work in rural betterment. In the multitude  of counselors there is safety. A community so organized that many perform parts  of the public service is stronger than one where a few individuals do it all."  — 1919 Montana State Farm Bureau Program of Work

                          Legacies, By Laura C. Nelson

The idea of a legacy is crafted with future generations in mind, but the reality of one is chiseled by thousands of big and small choices made by generations gone by. If we study the past, can we find hope for the future? Can a foundation of organized agricultural democracy still be used to improve the quality of rural life? 

Throughout the past 100 years, the people, principles and purpose of the Montana Farm Bureau Federation have offered a resounding ‘yes’ to these questions.

The book "Legacies" captures the essence of some of Montana agriculture's brightest, boldest and most courageous leaders. For a century, these men and women have led their peers and neighbors in grassroots campaigns for empowerment through agriculture education, a unified voice for Montana's farmers and ranchers, and a path forward for our rural communities. 

These are their stories.
These are your stories. 

These are our legacies. 

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