John Walker is from Pray, Montana, located in  beautiful Paradise Valley.  His interest in agriculture grew throughout high school and translated into his college career.  John is studying Agricultural Business at Montana State University and is the  treasurer of the Montana State University Collegiate Young Farmers and Ranchers.

An unlikely advocate for agriculture, Jason Brown spoke at the first session of the Young Farmers and Ranchers conference in Kansas City earlier this year.

Most know Jason Brown as a former center of the Baltimore Ravens.

His timely story of leaving the NFL and reaching out as an advocate for ag was almost uncanny. Throughout the course of the last few years, the ag industry has gone through turmoil with consumers. “People like Farmers, they may not agree with their practices.” said Stacy Forshee. Today's youth is becoming more and more disconnected from agriculture.

Brown wanted to add his voice to the agriculture community.

The football star asked God what he could do to help. God replied, 'feed my people.' From there, Brown went home and told his wife they were going to start a farm. Being a former NFL player, cash on hand took away the burden of start up costs. He decided he was there to feed those in need.

He has now given away over 46,000 pounds of sweet potatoes and 10,000 pounds of cucumbers to the local food bank.

With this feat, organizations started contacting Brown asking what they could do to help. One large group of gleaners (people who pick up the undesirables of a crop and utilize it to help feed those in need), asked to assist Brown in harvesting.

Brown has also done some amazing things with youth, promoting that less than 1% of athletes actually utilize the countless hours they put into the sport. Brown had an idea to put their strengths to a better purpose. He took the troubled teens and put them to work pulling weeds, harvesting and general maintenance on his fields.

Brown's takeaway was to work your best in your community to make it better. Donate, give your time or just perform some Samaritan act.

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