The tough decision was made to cancel the annual Young Ag Leadership Conference earlier this year.  However, you can still enjoy YALC Online October 20-21 with two free events. 
Join us Tuesday, October 20 at 6:30 pm (MST) for Facebook LIVE trivia on the Young Ag Leadership Conference Facebook page. Committee Members Klayton Lohr and Kim Woodring are sure to entertain, as they host YALC Ag Trivia night. Grab some friends and your phone or computer and play along right from the couch.  Stay tuned to the YALC Facebook page for more fun details and sneak peeks of prizes, question topics and more.
On Wednesday, October 21 at 6:30 pm (MST), YALC will feature Kiah Twisselman from California. Kiah will share her wisdom during her keynote, “Living & Leading with a Life of Purpose.”  You can sign up to watch this event live and receive an email of the replay at:
Kiah Twisselman is a California cattle rancher turned creative entrepreneur and life coach and a passionate advocate for agriculture. While working for the Kentucky Beef Council, she found a love for design and communications, leading her to start her own business, Burley & Barley, through which she helped farmers and ranchers across the U.S. tell their story. After embarking on her own personal development and health journey, losing over 125 pounds, she discovered her mission to empower others to love themselves to health and happiness, too. After being featured on Good Morning America, People Magazine, Women’s Health, Access Hollywood and more, she is more on fire than ever to share the mindset tools that helped her along her journey with the world. Her entrepreneur journey has since pivoted, now serving clients as a full-time life coach, weight loss coach, and speaker, while still finding ways to integrate the agriculture story along the way. When she’s not coaching, you might find her at a table watercoloring ranch-inspired illustrations, front-porch sitting with her Kentucky gentleman and fiancé Brent, or helping her family on their rural seventh-generation cattle ranch. 
For more information, visit, or visit YALC’s Facebook or Instagram pages.  Thank you to all of the host organizations and loyal sponsors who have made YALC a success for 17 years.  

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