Why, we’re so glad you asked!

Often times the hardest part of any pitch to a potential Farm Bureau member is closing the deal and asking them to pay $85 to become a member.

We don’t want to feel like a used-car salesman who’s pushy and bit over the top when it comes to the promises and deliverables of our product.  But here’s the good news—when you ask a friend, neighbor or family member to join Farm Bureau you’re not simply selling a membership.  You’re asking that person to make an investment in the industry they love and support.  For $85 they get the opportunity to be the voice of agriculture from the local level on up and much, much more.

Here’s a list of resources to keep up your sleeve for the next time a potential member asks you, “What do I get for my $85?”

  • The ability to be active locally with your County Farm Bureau and participate in the policy development process, which is where all of the MFBF policy positions originate from.
  • Access to a variety of leadership and professional development opportunities.  Such as:
  • MFBF Annual Convention
  • Young Ag Leadership Conference
  • You get consistent, current updates on trending agricultural news via the MFBF publications.
  • You have full-time staff working to further the policies you create with our state and federal government.
  • An 80% success rate in the Montana Legislature.
Additional Resources

If you’re looking for a little more back up when visiting with prospective members, we’ve got you covered there too.

  • Neighbor to Neighbor Packets

Customizable to each County Farm Bureau, these packets are designed to help create a ‘one-stop-shop’ for member recruitment.  They come filled with important information every new Farm Bureau members needs to know.  Included inside are a membership application, MFBF policy book, member benefits brochure and more.

  • One Voice Stronger

This handy pocket guide answers some FAQ’s and  gives you relevant stats regarding MFBF’s performance in a variety of areas.

Both of these resources are readily available, so please check with your Regional Manager or call the state office at 587-3153.