Last year’s Montana Farm Bureau Virtual Farm Fair was so well received that the state’s largest agricultural organization is again holding their Virtual Farm Fair April 26-30. The Virtual Farm Fair features lively videos from Farm Bureau members’ farms and ranches. Although the videos are directed toward a fourth-grade learning level, they are appropriate, fun and educational for all ages—even for parents. These farm-fresh videos offer corresponding activities and lesson plans.
Monday, April 26
Calving season on a Montana ranch
Join us for a day in the life of a rancher during calving season. Ranchers have to know just when and how to help deliver a healthy baby calf, and will show you how.
Tuesday, April 27
Making Montana pasta & All-Terrain Vehicle Safety
How does Montana wheat become Montana pasta? Ride along with a Montana farmer as he delivers his wheat crop, then take a spin around important safety tips for handling ATVs.
Wednesday, April 28
Exploring the food chain on a Montana farm
How does meat get to your plate? Take a tour of a Montana family-owned meat processing plant for a lesson on the food chain.
Thursday, April 29
The ultimate recycling machine - Montana cows!
Healthy soils grow healthy plants to nourish healthy cows and provide healthy meat for you and me! Learn how cows help recycle nutrients and care for the land.
Friday, April 30
Horsing around on a Montana ranch
Saddle up for a lesson on how to care for and nourish your favorite four-legged friends and learn safety tips to help you enjoy your time around horses! 
As of April 26, parents and teachers are urged to tune in to Facebook @montanafarmbureau or The videos will be accompanied by activities and recommended resources on the MFBF website under MY-Ag. The videos will then be available on-demand at Missed the 2020 Virtual Farm Fair? Those are still posted, as well, at
For more information contact MFBF’s Rikki Swant,