The 2016 Montana Young Farmer & Rancher Ag Tour is coming up May 20-21, and the final tour stop will take us west to Moccasin, Montana. Guest blogger Dawnita Deichmann is on the tour planning committee, and she's here to give us a preview of our stop at the CHS Big Sky Fertilizer Plant. 

The final stop of the 2016 Young Farmer & Rancher Ag Tour on Saturday, May 20 will be the CHS Big Sky Fertilizer Plant in Moccasin, Montana. This plant services the greater Central Montana area and was built in the 2000’s. We’ll tour the fertilizer plant and learn about different fertilizers offered and options offered at the plant.

Both farmers and ranchers will learn the cutting edge technology now offered for fertilizers and how with new technology fertilizer application can be more efficient and cost effective for a farm or ranch. Through “CHS YieldPoint” producers can find valuable tools like Recordkeeping, mapping and sampling. Producers can also work with specialists from their geographic area to diagnose problem areas.

Information about fertilizers and the latest technologies in their use and application can be taken back to the farm or ranch to help make more cost effective decisions. This stop was selected because it is one of the biggest fertilizer plants in Central Montana and everyone uses fertilizer. It will be a great tour to see how a plant of this size can thrive in such a small community.

More information can be found at or by contacting plant manager, Kelly Mikkelson.

Join the Montana Young Farmers and Ranchers May 20-21 in Lewistown, Montana for the 2016 Young Farmer & Rancher Tour. For more information, visit the event Facebook page or register online at The first stop stop on the tour is a visit to Mountain Meadows Pet Products, followed by Arntzen Angus Ranch.