The Farm Bureau Rural Entrepreneur Challenge is the first national business competition focused exclusively on rural businesses in food and agriculture. The Rural Entrepreneur of the year is awarded $30,000 in startup funds for their innovative business proposition.  Learn more by visiting the Strong Rural America website. 

MFBF was proud to have three innovative Montana businesses submit applications.  Read on to learn about Karoline Rose and KRose Company.

KRose Company was founded in May 2015 after I, Karoline Rose, realized that not only did I have a passion for teaching, but also a passion for agriculture, ranching, and the use of technology and social media. I grew up in a family that derived 100% of our income from agriculture. With a cattle broker as a father, I developed a passion for cattle marketing very early. I saw the opportunity to provide a service to farmers and ranchers that would enable their cattle to be seen by more potential buyers and customers. For this reason, KRose Company was developed. The company is currently broken up into two different divisions: KRose Marketing and Consulting and KRose Cattle Company.

The KRose marketing division provides business owners, especially those in agriculture, the opportunity to enhance their business by offering services such as logo design, website design, email marketing, social media management and many other marketing services. As a company, we are truly passionate about not only teaching and equipping our clients with the skills to market their business themselves, but also walking alongside and helping our customers to grow their business in a feasible manner. Because the almost daily changes in social media can be intimidating to agriculture business owners, we are continually seeking opportunities to educate our clients in an effort to avoid that intimidation. We are firm believers in using social media to grow businesses. We find our joy in helping our customers see their businesses explode by using social media and email marketing.

On the cattle marketing side, we serve as a cattle broker. Not only do we market cattle via private treaty, but we also utilize Superior Livestock as an avenue to market cattle. We use social media as a platform to allow our customers to have their cattle be seen by thousands and tens of thousands of potential buyers. We are the only company that gets cattle seen by more than 20,000 potential buyers on a regular basis. Not only do we sell thousands of Montana feeder cattle, yearlings, and females, but we also offer an avenue to market out-of-area cattle as well. We are truly passionate about marketing the right cattle, to the right people, at the right time, with all of the details.

I, Karoline Rose, am both the founder and the owner of KRose Company. I am a Montana State University graduate (Go Cats!). While at MSU, I developed a passion for ranchers and farmers and saw a great opportunity to help them increase revenues by utilizing social media to give them more opportunities to be successful. I absolutely love what I do and the producers that I work with. You can find us online, on Facebook:

Instagram and of course, we can still be reached via a good ole’ phone call.