Requirements for commercial hay hauling have been waived due the impact of the severe weather on hay supplies. Yesterday, Governor Steve Bullock signed an Executive Order that exempts vehicles from certain size and weight limits for a specific, limited time during emergency circumstances. The exemption will be good for 30 days.

The EO would allow for baled livestock feed for winter relief efforts within the boundaries of Montana to exceed the statutory limits of weight by 20 percent. It would also allow nighttime transport of oversized hay for loads.

“Relieving certain requirements for commercial motor vehicle carriers in Montana will assist Montanans by reducing restrictions on the transport of hay forage,” said Bullock.

“With the severe weather over the past few months, many ranchers are needing to purchase additional hay to feed their livestock,” noted Montana Farm Bureau President Hans McPherson. “We had excessive snow that has melted which has resulted in unbelievable mud. During daylight hours, there is too much mud to haul hay to feed yards on ranches, so this EO will be a huge help to bring hay loads in while the ground is still frozen.”

The EO noted that commercial vehicle carriers while operating under the Order, may not require or allow fatigued drivers to operate a motor vehicle.

For details specific details, contact the Montana Department of Livestock, 406-444-0528.