Wondering what’s going on at those ranches you see while you’re driving around the Big Sky state? Curious about weed control? Plan to attend the Ranching 101 “workshop” at 5 p.m. August 11 at the Sweet Grass County Fairgrounds in Big Timber.

“Too many times when discussing farming and ranching farmers and ranchers speak our own industry language to our own established producers,” explains Bonita Cremer, Sweet Grass County Farm Bureau President. “We lament the fact that so many consumers are too far removed from the farm to even know how their food is produced. We tell them to talk to a farmer if they have questions, so we thought ‘Why not bring the farmer to them?’ Ranching 101 was designed with that in mind.”

The back-to-the-basics theme centers around the two important parts on any farm or ranch—water and dirt.

  • The Montana DNRC will be on hand with the Rolling Rivers trailer, a live water demonstration illustrating how a watershed works and how it impacts everyone, even urbanites.
  • The Sweet Grass County Weed Department discuss why noxious weed management is important to soil health. That segment will focus on the basics, without all the technical jargon associated with chemicals and spraying that usually accompanies such topics.
  • Montana Department of Agriculture will present Organic 101 and explain what organic farming means.

The workshops will be presented in a small group format, with plenty of time to ask questions, discuss concerns and address misconceptions in a friendly environment.  The evening will wrap up with a catered dinner.  There is no cost to attend, but space is limited so RSVP to sgcofarmbureau@gmail.com  by August 7 if you plan to attend.