The MFBF Commodity Advisory Committees provide a forum for committee members to proactively discuss current issues within their specific commodity area. There are 12 committees specific to commodities or program areas that meet during the MFBF Summer Conference.  These videos provide a glimpse inside a few of the committee meetings.

In 2014, there were an estimated 93,700 ATV-related, emergency department-treated injuries in the United States. An estimated 26 percent of these involved children younger than 16 years of age. Between 2012 and 2014, there were 18 reported ATV-related deaths in Montana. (

The Montana Farm Bureau Health & Safety Committee is focused on providing tools to help share ATV safety tips and trainings. Committee Chair Bonita Cremer shares more.

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MFBF Health & Safety Committee 

While policy development happens at the county Farm Bureau level, these committee meetings provide a chance to discuss important topics with a variety of individuals who have varying input and expertise.  Based on the discussion held during the meetings, the committee may make suggested policy recommendations that members then discuss at the county level and vote on during their county annual meetings.  Check out these highlights from the Health & Safety Committee meeting:

  • ATV Safety: The committee is interested in providing a training session to teach MFBF leaders how to present the materials so they are prepared for local farm fairs. MFBF staff will look into providing that at convention. The committee decided they would like to provide kits for ATV Safety to each district. MFBF staff will work on putting the kits together.

  • Agricultural Safety Awareness Program: MFBF staff provided information on 2017 ASAP week. The theme is “Get Out of My Space” - AFBF is looking for more resources, especially graphics and photos.

  • Child Ready Montana Program: Robin Suzor, with the Child Ready Montana program, spoke to the group regarding statewide pediatric readiness, car seat training opportunities, and Cardiac Ready MT. Robin provided statistics of children being seen in hospitals and she gave the committee ideas on community health programs, EMS trainings and kits for rural MT. She provided emergency care kits to committee members.

Sounds interesting—how do I get on a committee? 

Each committee is made up of 10 primary members (one representative from each district) and 10 alternates.  Nominations must be made during the district caucuses held each November during annual convention.

Not sure what district you’re in? Find out here:

After the district caucuses, the nominations are submitted and the President makes the final committee appointments following annual convention. Each committee is assigned a MFBF staff contact.  This contact works with the committee chair and members to set the agenda for each meeting, share pertinent information between meetings, and collect resources for the committees to use when discussing policy.

Health and Safety Committee

  • District 1—Libby Maclay, Lolo

  • District 2—Bonnie Marchesseault, Dillon

  • District 3—Mary Hill, Raynesford

  • Distrct 4—Bonita Cremer, Melville

  • District 5—Mollie Phipps, Powderville

  • District 6—Karli Clark Johnson, Sidney

  • District 7—Joy DePuydt, Saco

  • District 8—Cindy Denning, Sun River

  • District 9—Jim Dusenberry, Helena

  • District 10—Garrett Hamm, Clyde Park

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