Position requires a broad skill set and encompasses a range of responsibilities that support the organizational goals of the Montana Farm Bureau Federation. This position is responsible for all organizational management functions of Montana Farm Bureau. 

Position is located at the MFBF office in Bozeman, MT and is a permanent, full-time salaried position.  

Primary Job Responsibilities: 

  • Work with the President and Board of Directors in developing the direction of the organization.
  • Manage the staff of the organization.
  • Develop the budget and provide sound financial management for the organization. 
  • Serves as the EVP and Director of the Montana Farm Bureau Foundation.   
  • Serves as the Trustee of the MFBF Voluntary Employee Savings Plan. 
  • Manage the MFBF operations of the Montana Farm Bureau Center. 
  • Manage the State Fund Ag Group program.
  • Execute and implement an annual work plan to achieve the association’s goals and objectives.
  • Maintain a healthy work environment by ensuring sound human resources policies and procedures are in place.

Knowledge, Skill and Abilities: 

  • Knowledge and understanding of the mission, goals and organization of Farm Bureau is necessary. 
  • Previous experience in the management of budgets.
  • Knowledge of and experience in non-profit organizational management.
  • Possess excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to deal credibly and effectively with Farm Bureau leadership,  other industry organizations and MFBF membership 
  • Ability to exercise judgment, initiative, and independent decision making 
  • Ability to read, analyze, and interpret financial reports and legal documents  
  • Ability to travel in and out of state frequently 
  • Ability to effectively present information to top management, public groups, boards of directors and MFBF membership 
  • Possesses strong writing ability and is familiar with writing opinion editorials and official comments on proposed regulations and rules  
  • Possesses a keen attention to detail and exemplary time management skills

Work Environment: 

  • MFBF fosters a supportive, fun and creative work environment.  Employees are encouraged to utilize their own talents, experience and expertise to grow and develop programs and projects in their purview. 
  • Work is primarily independent, but must be able to work in a creative, collaborative style with other staff and often be willing to provide input, effort and time into projects and tasks as a group. 


For more information or to submit a resume contact: Diana Bailey, Executive Secretary/CFO,