This post wraps up our series thanking legislators who received the Golden Windmill Award.  If you’ve missed our previous posts, check them out here.  These awards are presented to legislators who scored in the highest percentages on our Legislative Report card, who served on important committees and were active advocates for Montana Agriculture.

County Farm Bureaus across the state are working to thank these legislators and present them with their award throughout the summer.  We simply wanted to take a little time via the blog to thank these individuals once again.

Senator Ryan Osmundson, SD 15, Buffalo

Sen. Osmundson is a farmer by trade, so it makes sense that he always keeps agriculture’s best interests in mind, even while keeping close tabs on Montana’s budget as one of the most experienced members on the Finance and Claims Com­mittee.

Sen. Osmundson was also a key member of the Senate Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation committee. His rationale and thoughtfulness were priceless when it came to communicating important pieces of legislation to other committee members.

Rep. Ross Fitzgerald, HD 17, Fairfield

Rep. Ross FitzgeraldA freshman legislator, Rep. Fitzgerald jumped right in and proved to be an excellent advocate and vote for agriculture. He even carried a bill supported by MFBF which will make it easi­er for farmers and ranchers to get in to agritourism.

Rep. Fitzgerald supported several key pieces of legislation during the 65th Legislative Session.  This goes to show he recognizes agriculture as the economic backbone for Montana and knows how vital it is to our state’s rural, and urban, communities.

We know the legislative session is well behind us, but work continues for these elected officials during the interim.  Please be sure to thank them for all they do for Montana agriculture!