The 2017 Legislative Session is now a few months behind us, but we still want to make sure we give credit where credit is due.

We already presented Friend of Farm Bureau Awards to Senator Jeff Welborn and Representative Walt Sales. Senator Eric Moore and Senator Chas Vincent received the Golden Plow award for their exemplary service to Montana agriculture in their tenure as a legislator. If you missed that coverage check it out here:

These four individuals have done a stellar job of representing Montana agriculture in the legislature, and there are more legislators we want to recognize.

Another category of award is the Golden Windmill Award.  These awards are presented to legislators who scored in the highest percentages on our Legislative Report card, served on important committees and were active advocates for Montana agriculture.

County Farm Bureaus across the state are working to thank these legislators and present them with their award throughout the summer.  Will you take a minute to say thanks again to these hard-working legislators?! 

Sen. Brian HovenSenator Brian Hoven, SD 13, Great Falls

Sen. Hoven served as the Chair of the Senate Agriculture, Livestock and Irriga­tion Committee this session.  Sen. Hoven’s committee heard bills from legally defining sheep as a dairy animal and predator control to more controversial topics like the Seed Bill (SB 155) and a proposal to ban the use of neonicatinoids in Montana.  His professionalism, leadership and efficiency as a committee chairman was greatly appreciated.

Taxation is another topic that is a high priority for MFBF.  Sen. Hoven also served on the Senate Taxation Committee where he proved to be a thoughtful advocate for agriculture.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with you!

Rep. Wendy McKameyRepresentative Wendy McKamey, HD 19, Great Falls

A long time rancher, Rep. McKamey is a solid supporter for Montana agriculture. There are fewer and fewer legislators who understand the agriculture industry and the mechanics of rural economies and communities.  Her firsthand knowledge of agriculture is extremely valuable on the Agriculture Committee as she is able to ask the right questions and educate her peers on the committee.

During the 65th Legislative Session, Representative McKamey supported MFBF in protecting senior water right holders, preserving private property rights and strengthening laws that enhance Montana agriculture. 

We’ve got a few more winners to recognize, so keep watching the blog and help us in thanking these legislators.