BOZEMAN, Montana – The Montana Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) has created a new video series titled “Legacies” that will highlight the history, stories and members of Montana Farm Bureau. Legacies is set to be released to the public Friday, July 15. 

“The accounts of the farmers and ranchers who organized, built and prospered the Montana Farm Bureau Federation embody the history of rural Montana and the agricultural industry of our state,” said Scott Kulbeck, director of membership development.  “The Legacies video series is a remarkable account of that history.  They are a joy to watch and anyone viewing these videos will come away with a feeling of pride in belonging to Farm Bureau”.

The eight-episode video series was produced by AgriStudios and focuses on how MFBF came to be the Voice of Agriculture in Montana. The series features stories about empowerment through education, vitality in rural communities, growth within the Montana agricultural industry and more. 

“We are excited to be able to bring the values, principles and purpose of the Montana Farm Bureau to life in this new video series,” said Sue Ann Streufert, director of member relations. “Much like the MFBF Centennial History Book, Legacies, the stories in these videos are told through the eyes of past and present Farm Bureau leaders. We worked with Riley Slivka from AgriStudios on this project and we couldn’t be more proud of how the videos turned out. Farm Bureau members and history buffs alike will enjoy watching the series of videos and gleaning an additional understanding about our story and the history of agriculture in Montana.”

Legacies will be available for viewing at the MFBF YouTube page at on July 15 and available for viewing later this year on the MFBF website,