Montana’s farmers and ranchers can look forward to better roads, bridges and other essential infrastructure thanks to President Trump’s ‘Building a Stronger America’ plan. Montana Farm Bureau President Hans McPherson said the proposed $50 billion in rural spending will greatly help to restore deteriorating infrastructure.

“It’s high time America reinvests in itself,” said McPherson.  “Our bridges, roads and even our railroads are old and crumbling. Our river systems with the locks, which is how our wheat and other commodities are shipped, are in serious need of attention. Whether you’re hauling calves to a local sale or shipping grain overseas, it’s essential to have the infrastructure that allows you to do so safely and efficiently.”

McPherson, a diversified farmer from Stevensville, said ‘Building a Stronger America’ will play an important role in ensuring farmers and ranchers get their products from their farms to markets. “Most residents of rural areas can quickly provide a list of roads and bridges have been in steady decline,” said McPherson. “It’s rewarding to see this administration placing the decisions on how these dollars are spent back to the states and local communities. We applaud the administration for developing an infrastructure plan that recognizes the importance of rural communities to the continued strength of our country.”