Farm Bureau Leaders and Members
As many of you may have heard, the Yellowstone County Health Department has issued an order limiting the size of gatherings in the county to no more than 25 people.  The order is in effect through our convention so consequently our annual meeting in Billings has been cancelled.  The MFBF Board of Directors met in an emergency meeting on Oct. 14 and moved to change the way our convention will occur with the implementation of COVID-19 safety measures.  This note is to let you know of those changes.  
There will be meetings in each district on November 10 that all voting and alternate delegates from the district will be invited to attend.  These groups should be small enough to meet the current COVID-19 restrictions.  MFBF Staff, working with the District Directors will secure a suitable location and will provide a lunch for the delegates involved.  The districts can then make their nominations for District Director, Women’s Leadership Committee and YF&R Committee.
We will then have each of the ten districts join a zoom call and do the elections and the delegate session.   We will end the delegate session later in the afternoon.
We are working extremely hard to allow Farm Bureau to continue with our elections and to maintain the integrity of the delegate session. In order to keep the process moving along we encourage each county to meet and review the resolutions prior to your district wide resolution session.
For members that have already registered for the convention, we will be issuing refunds to them in the near future.
We will follow this note with the mailing of the policy development packets which will have a complete agenda and further explanation of how the meetings will be facilitated.   We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we continue our Farm Bureau policy process.  Please watch for your policy packets for more information.  
John Youngberg,
Executive Vice President

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