It’s mid-summer and fair season is upon us! Does your county Farm Bureau have ideas to spruce up your booth or presence at your local county fair? If you are stuck in a slump with the same old booth or activities we have come up with a few to rejuvenate your involvement at the fair and hopefully increase the fun for your community and your county Farm Bureau volunteers!


Many Counties across our great state generously provide some form of sponsorship to their local County Fair. Requiring little volunteer input, but often making some of the greatest impacts, Counties providing sponsorships definitely do not go unnoticed.  Here are a few ideas for sponsorships that you might not have thought of:

  • 4-H/ FFA Livestock Carcass Contest or Ultrasound

  • Awards or Prizes

  • 4-H/FFA Livestock Classes

  • Herdsman Awards

  • Exhibitor Lunch or Dinner

  • Concert or Entertainment

  • General Donation

Celebrity reader

Have a local celebrity? Ask them to visit your booth on a certain day and read a few of the Ag Accurate Books available through the Montana Farm Bureau Foundation.  A quick story and short activity is sure to draw a crowd to your booth. Ag Accurate books provide factual information about agriculture and are suitable for elementary aged students.  As the guest reader has the kids’ attention- your member volunteers could talk to mom and dad about joining or supporting Farm Bureau. Your Regional Manager can provide you some great books through the Montana Farm Bureau Foundation!

Ask a Farmer or Rancher

Instead of the same old boring booth that folks walk by and maybe take a pen and engage in small talk, give them an opportunity to connect with a real farmer or rancher!  This is especially important in our more urban fair settings. Work with your regional manager to create a sign for your booth to let folks know that your booth is informational.

  • Schedule volunteer experts from a few different ag areas

  • List specific times that your experts will be available

  • Rotate your experts throughout the day – less time commitment for them and more info for your booth!

  • Provide a brochure or resource if people have follow up questions

Beat the heat- watch an ag movie

One thing we all can agree is that fair season can get uncomfortably warm! Your county Farm Bureau could offer fair-goers a chance to cool down and watch a movie in a tent or barn. Farmland, the movie, is a great documentary that profiles young Farmers and Ranchers and their daily life in the industry. Ask your Regional Manager about other great ag movies!

Plan a scavenger hunt

One of the best things about the fair is different things to see and do each year. Your county could plan a small scavenger hunt that includes visiting different places around the fairgrounds and collecting agriculture facts along the way. Put your creative thinking cap on- the opportunities with a scavenger hunt are as simple or elaborate as you wish to make it. Don’t forget to offer a prize at the end!

Booth goodies- make it your own!

Of course MFBF has promotional items that your regional manager can help provide, but if there is room in your county’s budget, order some personal promotional freebies!

  • Letter openers

  • Chip clips

  • Pens

  • Gloves

  • Lip Balm or Sun Screen

  • Notepads